Mirror Mirror dagger

Star Trek (1966, Season 2)

This is the dagger as seen in Mirror Mirror, a 1966 season 2 episode of Star Trek. It is one of the most famous episodes of the original series, and is remembered by fans more than 55 years after it aired.

A transporter malfunction during an electrical storm returns Kirk, Scotty, Uhura and McCoy to an Enterprise whose crew has been replaced by evil versions of themselves, all bent on intrigue and conquest. Spock, Sulu, Chekov and others have all been turned into mean-spirited, Roman-saluting, power-usurping Machiavellians bent on annihilating planets and disciplining subordinates with pain-inducing "agonizers." You know that Spock is evil the minute you see his goatee.

The Enterprise crew wear this knife on their hip as part of their alternate universe uniform (see attached screenshots from the episode).

I modeled this fixed-blade knife and holster after the only known screen-used original to come to public auction in the years after Star Trek wrapped. I made it entirely out of Prusament, an imported Czech material known for its rigidity and sheen. I maintained all the sharp lines and angles used by the original prop designers, who were far more limited in their production capacity in the 60s than they were in later iterations of Star Trek.

The knife measures about 11" long. The blade tang inserts into the handle for some length, and is quite rigid. The holster has a belt hook that will let it hang at precisely the same height and angle as seen on the crew's hips. The knife seats firmly in the case, and will not come out accidentally.

Comic-con and other cosplay shows now have rules in place that forbid metal, functional weapons. This one meets their requirements, and can be worn into the convention center without issue.

Designing this vintage prop brought back memories of when prop design mechanical challenges were greater and the production means were simpler.

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