Klingon Blood Wine Goblet

Star Trek The Next Generation, Voyager & Deep Space Nine

This is a full-size, precise replica of the Klingon blood wine goblet as seen in Star Trek The Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space Nine. I modeled this after the original blood wine prop used in the show, which went to Christie's for auction in the years following the show's end.

The history of this design is interesting. The two original Klingon blood wine goblets were props that had appeared in a 1930's production of The Ten Commandments. Gene Roddenberry, on a limited budget, repurposed them for Klingon use when shooting Star Trek. When it became clear that just two were not enough for the set designers, the propmasters made molds of the two originals, and cast more goblets out of foam.

I made this out of a the most rigid material that I could find. I did not want this thing to end up as thick as a ceramic German beer stein that weighed 3 pounds empty, but I wanted to keep the proportions identical to the screen-used original. I believe I got it right, after many production runs and tests. It is the exact height, diameter, thickness and flair of the original. It has zero flex in your hand. Due to the internal lattice structure inside the thermoplastic I don't think even a Klingon could crush it.

The material is food safe, and it is finished in a waterproof coating that is top-shelf dishwasher safe. I recommend handwashing with lukewarm soap and water.

The goblet is just over 6" tall. The hands you see in the photo are an adult man, 6' tall, with large hands. So understand that this is a large glass, similar to a German 1.5 L beer stein. It is big, but not too large to hold comfortably for an adult, human or Klingon. And the lip is constructed such that you can actually drink from the thing without spilling around the sides of your mouth. The ribbed walls assist remarkably well in holding it.

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