Indiana Jones Coat Hanger, replica
This is the coat hanger belonging to the Nazi SS henchman Arnold Toht in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I matched every piece in shape and size to the original -- the arm-bars, eyelets, chain, and metal hanging handle. The metal chain and eyelets are solid stainless steel and the same size as the original prop. The handle is bent with a professional bending jig and the same gauge of steel (13) as on the screen-used original, and is also stainless steel. Unlike modern hangers, which have the end of the hanging loop much larger and inverted on itself at the tip because they are sharp and cheaply cut, this one is straight and burnished smooth. This is critical for this piece -- it is only visible for a second in the movie, but this shape assists in rapid assembly. If you'll recall, the actor never breaks eye contact with Marion Ravenwood while assembling this. You can accomplish the same thing because of the design.

Collapsed, you can fit this hanger folded up in the inside pocket of a coat, and pull it out to hang it wherever you go.

You can't see it in the photos, but I have also uniformly and evenly patterned each armbar on the surface, which ensures that coats don't slip off. It's almost invisible, but you can feel it. Dry cleaners in the 1930s often used slightly rough hangers in this manner to keep garments from slipping. Modern dry cleaners use a superior but less permanent rubber substance to accomplish the same thing. The roughened surface on this piece, however, will last forever, like most things made in the 1930s.

Each armbar piece is internally reinforced to limit flex. I tried this with the heaviest winter coat I could find, and it did not bend. I have yet to break one.

By way of background, I designed my first prop for television more than 30 years ago. I make props today in my older age for no other reason than to pay homage to great stories of the past. I do believe this coat hanger -- affectionately known as the "Toht Hanger" among die-hard Indiana Jones fans -- qualifies.

Made in the USA.

"Now... what shall we talk about?" --SS Major Arnold Toht