The Horn of Dagoth

Conan the Destroyer (1984)

This is the Horn of Dagoth as seen in Conan the Destroyer, the iconic 1984 fantasy film with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Olivia d'Abo.

I modeled this prop off the screen-used original that went to public auction in the years following the movie's release. The original prop was in bad shape, missing many of the original gems. This replica attempts to restore it to its screen-used condition. It is matched to size, color, weight and shape of the original. Sourcing the rhinestone gems in so many different cuts was difficult, but I ultimately located them all. Most of them are imported. Some of the more unusual cuts, particularly the teardrops, were rather expensive. This took me about two months to source and design, and about two weeks to hand-shape and assemble.

This has a metal core, giving it a hefty weight you would expect for a jeweled horn about 12" in length.

“Conan mourned his lost Valeria. At length he sought adventure in distant lands and trod the jeweled thrones of the earth beneath his sandaled feet. Until at last, he found his own kingdom and wore his crown upon a troubled brow.”


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