Biff Tannen's cane

Back to the Future II (1989)

This is old Biff Tannen's fist cane as seen in Back to the Future II.

I personally sculpted and modeled this cane off the screen-used original, and it is my own design from the ground up.

The cane is about 3 feet long. It is sized and tapered precisely to the one that old Bill carries in the movie. The filmmakers chose this length for two reasons: first, it accommodated old Biff's hunched-over frame. Second, it allowed Biff to manipulate and swing it around rapidly, as he does when rapping Marty on the head. The cane head comes to rest at about belt height of a six-foot tall person.

I heat-shaped and molded the fist by hand, using a very rigid thermoplastic frame. The support structure interior of the cane -- both the head and the shaft -- is laid out in a a series of structural triangles that give it rigidity. While it is sturdy, I recommend this only as a vanity cane for cosplay or costume. Don't give it to grandma.

If you are interested in displaying this cane on a desktop, I will also include an adapter piece. It's a cap that you can optionally insert into the bottom of the cane's topmost segment. Once inserted, it's virtually invisible. The inside of this cap supports a stack of pennies that will give it weight, supporting the unbalanced fist on the top so that this segment, with fist on top, stands upright. The interior penny tube is sized precisely, so there is no rattle. Displayed in this fashion, it's the exact length of the broken cane that Old Biff leaves on the Delorean floor after he stole the time machine. It's a good conversation piece, and much easier to grab off your desk if you need to rap someone on the head. Of course, if you later decide to assemble the full-length cane, you can just remove this cap, which stays in place via friction, and assemble the top pieces to the body of the full cane.

The material is fully waterproof, and I finish the fist and tip in a hard overcoat that is also waterproof and abrasion-resistant.

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